Welcome to Water of Life College!   We are excited to partner with you on your journey.  There are two options for our students at WOL College: Credit and audit students.


  • Credit students earn college credits for the courses they complete.
  • Audit students attend class for personal enrichment without earning credits. Audit students attend classes with credit students, but are not required to complete assignments and take exams.



Admission Requirements

    1. Complete and submit application – the application may be completed online by clicking on the button below.  Applicants may also fill out a hard copy application and submit it to the church office.  Hard copy applications are available in the church office.
    2. Complete an submit personal essay – the essay prompt and instructions are in the application.  Applicants applying online will upload their completed essay to their application.  Applicants that submit a hard copy of their application may submit a hard copy of their personal essay to the church office when they submit their application.
    3. Pastoral reference form – each applicant must have a pastor, ministry leader, or small group leader complete a pastoral reference form on behalf of the applicant.
    4. Pay application fee – students may pay their application fee online or in person at the church office.


Tuition and Fees:


  • Credit Students:
    • Application fee – $50.00
    • Tuition per class – $645.00
    • Student service fee per semester – $75.00

  • Audit Students:
    • Application fee – $25.00
    • Tuition per class – $75.00

If you have questions about the application process,

please contact Pattie Ramos at pattier@wateroflifecc.org or 909-463-0103 x4111.