Graduate Courses

The graduate courses at Water of Life College equip students with advanced understanding of the Bible and teaches them how to apply biblical and theological principles to their lives and ministry contexts.  Students will attain the skills necessary to minister to people inside and outside of the local church. They will learn to integrate education, spiritual life, and experience into a consistent Spirit-filled lifestyle of personal spiritual growth and character that reflects Christian values.


The graduate department seeks to:

  • Provide a deep and comprehensive exploration of the contents of the Bible;
  • Provide instruction on solid principles of exegesis and hermeneutics;
  • Explore various theological principles through Biblical Studies;
  • Provide historical developments of theological thought through Biblical Studies.


Upon program completion, students will be able to demonstrate the following learning outcomes:


  • Formulate theological positions;
  • Engage with scholarship in the fields of biblical studies, theology, and ministry;
  • Display inquisitiveness, humility, and reverence in the pursuit and presentation of Biblical truth;
  • Defend the Bible’s authority as an infallible guide for matters of faith and practice;
  • Articulate the value of the necessary connection between exegesis, theology, exposition, and application.


Graduate Courses:


GBIB 500 – Biblical Interpretation and Theological Method

GBIB 501 – Torah

GBIB 520 – Biblical Culture and Interpretive Practices

If you have questions about the application process,

please contact Pattie Ramos at or 909-463-0103 x4111.