Water of Life College offers a 2-year Biblical Studies program where students take college-level courses and become equipped to effectively minister inside and outside the church.


BIBL 101 – Introduction to Biblical Literature (Online) (3 Credits)
Instructor: Dr. Nate Womack
Day/time: Online, August 24-December 7


This course provides a broad overview of the Old and New Testaments. Students learn how the narrative of God’s kingdom relates to the redemption of all Creation. The course introduces students to the different genres of Biblical literature and the major sections of the Bible. Students also engage in spiritual formation exercises that connect with the course materials.

BIBL 131 – Biblical Languages and Exergesis (3 Credits)
Instructor: Dr. Rolo Santos and Prof. JoAnne Flynn
Day/time: Thursdays, 7-10p, August 27-December 10


This course teaches students the basic elements of Hebrew and Greek in order to develop simple word studies. Students also learn how to use different word study tools to study God’s Word. Students will apply hermeneutical principles to their exegetical studies and apply the Biblical truths to their personal lives and ministry contexts.

BIBL 216 – Synoptic Gospels (3 Credits)
Instructor: Dr. Linda Jones
Day/time: Modular Format – Saturdays, 8a-5p, September 12, October 10 & 24, November 7 & 21
Location: Zoom


Examines the gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Students learn methodology on how to study these gospels and helps them explore the similarities and differences between them. In addition to studying the content and theological themes of each text, the course also studies the composition and form of each gospel account.

MIN 201 – Marriage and Family Ministry (3 Credits)
Instructor: Prof. Nico Mendez
Day/time: Wednesdays, 7p-10p, August 26-December 9
Location: Zoom


This course provides students with a study of Biblical principles regarding families. Students will learn how to minister in marriage and family contexts. Students will also examine their own families of origin and learn what it takes to develop a healthy family in today’s culture and society. This course equips students with ministry strategies for strengthening healthy marriages and families


GBIB 500 – Biblical Interpretation and Theological Method (4 Credits)
Instructor: Dr. Nate Womack
Day/time: Online, August 24-October 18


This course introduces students to the process and practice of Biblical interpretation and the use of the theological method. Students will learn the nature and formation of the Bible as Christian Scripture, recognizing the Holy Spirit’s role in the inspiration of Scripture as well as engaging with the Spirit’s guidance in the development of various theological themes.

REGISTRATION OPENS – December 1, 2019

INFORMATION MEETING – December 8, 2019

FIRST DAY OF CLASSES – January 27, 2020

LAST DAY TO WITHDRAW – February 28, 2020

ALL FEES DUE – March 20, 2020

FINAL EXAMS WEEK – May 11, 2020


For more info, contact Nate Womack

909-463-0103 x4150